For Institutions

Our institutional services are designed to generate superior, long-term returns for institutions of all types:

We offer diversified investment programs that meet investment objectives within client guidelines working with large and small pensions and unions. Innovative solutions cover pension plans as well as other investment vehicles.

Endowments & Foundations
We deliver investment services tailored to the unique investment goals of mission-oriented institutions. We are designed to work with a range of foundations and endowments who seek superior investment performance which is aligned with their distinctive principles and values.

We work closely with corporate officers and investment committees to deliver investment solutions on investment mandates such as pension plans, as well as liquidity needs, that deliver results.

Sovereign Wealth
We offer sovereign wealth funds investment solutions that provide appropriate diversification and structured offerings, reflecting the unique needs of governments to generate long-term capital growth while often maintaining a low profile.

Investment Funds
We represent and advise some of the most respected private real estate investment funds. We understand the unique needs of real estate private equity firms and speak the same language.

Non-Profit Organizations
Customized investment programs and strategies for non-profit organizations are designed to meet the challenges faced in balancing public interest activities with the preservation and distribution of assets. We work with these organizations and align our investment strategy with their mission.

Our long-term, value-oriented approach to real estate investment management aligns well with the investment objectives of institutional clients.

Our Approach

Our approach allows institutional clients to meet their key goals and objectives.

We bring the most relevant investment opportunities to the strategic decision makers in both the public and private sectors.

We leverage the firm’s leadership in the multi-family sector in San Francisco to address the distinct financial needs of our clients.

Single Property Transactions
Individual property-by-property investment opportunities are available to institutional investors interested in participating in individual, one-off property transactions.

Closed-End Investment Funds
West Group sponsors closed-end investment fund opportunities that are offered to our private and institutional clients.

This material does not constitute an offer of securities which will only be made by offering memorandum.