Investment Strategies

West Group Capital generally uses one of the following three multi-family investment strategies depending on the asset in question: Core-Plus, Value Added or Opportunistic.

Our investment programs are diversified by strategy as well as across the relative risk/return spectrum.

This is generally considered the most conservative strategy, characterized by lower risk and lower return potential. This generally involves investing in higher quality properties of recent vintage, with some of these properties requiring some form of enhancement or value-added element.

Value Added
This is a moderate-risk, medium-return strategy. Typically, this strategy involves buying properties, making some improvements and recapitalizing or selling at an opportune time for a gain. Value-added improvements can range from solving management or operational problems to physical improvements to solving capital constraints.

This is considered the most aggressive stratgy of the three. This is a higher-risk, higher-return potential strategy. These properties often require a high degree of enhancement and generally include investments in development, raw land and niche property sectors.